Meet the team

Our Sales Team

Jim Wilson - England and Wales

Jim the Brewer as he is lovingly referred to by all that know him, has been working as a craft brewer for as long as he could lift a sack of malt. Famous for the Jim Wilson Bitter at Tap East, and for his enthusiasm and drive when fighting the corner of the smaller brewer; including on one memorable occasion the government itself. Our little cockney hop tickler is also an adept outdoorsman and can skin a rabbit quicker than you can say “where’s my rabbit gone?”

Phil Lowry – Europe and South Africa

Phil is one of the craft brewing originals with experience in the craft market for over 20 years, that makes him one of the best-known personalities in brewing. He has brewed all over the globe with some of the best in the industry and is an absolute foamy fountain of knowledge. Phil looks after our fast growing European and African brewing family of customers. In his spare time, he’s a social media junkie that likes to take artistic pictures of his pussy cat and brews every chance he gets – well he has just opened a small brewpub to play with (Breakwater)… who needs sleep anyway?

Dave Hewitt - Scotland, Ireland and Scandinavia

The newest of our sales team and one of those people who just knows a lot of “stuff”. Having spent many years as a cuckoo brewer, he’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hops and his passion shines through every time you hear him speak. When he does stop talking about brewing and hops though, he can teach you how to sail a large yacht or educate you about some history that you never knew you wanted to know!

Benedikt Matsche – Customer Contract Support

A Weihenstephan alumni, Benni (as we affectionately call him) is all about the brewing… No really, the guy’s obsessed. He’s as German as lederhosen and is the guy you need if you have a question about managing your contract. When he’s not up to his neck in contract reports, he can really turn out a decent beer no matter what style you’re after. We’ve even named our pilot kit “St Benedikt” in honour of the most excellent brews he has extracted from it.

Our Customer Service Team

Maria Bailey – Customer Service Manager

Maria, the Matriarch who runs the Customer Service machine and takes it personally on the rare occasion when “her” customers are not 100% happy. As our customer, you are one of her children and Bob help anybody who stands in the way of her getting you what you want. If you have a problem Maria will make it disappear and sometimes it’s best not to ask how she did it.

Celeste Walters - Customer Service

Our favourite import from South Africa. Celeste works closely with the rest of the team looking after the needs and wishes of our brewing friends. Celeste is also our resident art expert with a degree in fine art. She sketches, she paints, she runs workshops for kids about Van Gogh but only after the hops are on the way to you.

Sarah Goddard – Customer Service

A new addition to the team and she’s still surprising everybody with how many orders one person can process and get out of the door in a day! Sarah’s all about beer and wine with many years working in pubs and hospitality. She’s unstoppable when it comes to getting your hops to you; She’s unstoppable on the dance floor at a ska gig; and she’ll tear you a new one if you cross her on World of Warcraft. You have been warned.

Technical Support

With the backing of the entire Barth-Haas Group Technical Support Services team we cannot mention them all here but they are still very much part of our team. In this one team, there is more hop and brewing know-how concentrated in one place than possibly anywhere else on the planet. So, in true A-Team style… If you have a problem (with hops or brewing)... if no one else can help... and if you can find them (we’ll put you in touch)... maybe you can hire (well actually we don’t charge)... The TSS-Team. Da da da daaaa….. And so on.

Marketing and Communications

Daniel Christmas

Our very own Father Christmas and resident marketing guru. Dan is the guy to talk to when it comes to events, literature, social media, the website, advertising, press enquiries, promotional merchandise and anything else you can shake a well-presented stick at. Sometimes Dan mysteriously disappears from his desk but if you listen carefully, you may hear the distant sounds of Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” being softly strummed on a ukulele.

The Man in Charge

John Willetts

The guy with the task of pulling the team together, and driving Simply Hops into the future, which to be fair is not a hard job with such a dedicated and amazing team (isn’t that right John?). We try to keep him in the office where he paces like a caged animal and mutters obscenities about foreign exchange rates. Every now and again though he escapes and motivates the team with a mix of death stares and doughnuts.