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Simply Hops works hard to help our dedicated craft brewers make better beer and show the world what they can do. As such we sponsor several events per year to help them gain those opportunities. Come and see the Simply Hops team and attend our seminars at the following events.

Underdog IPA Competition - Judging
The beers are in. The judges are ready. 3 rounds of blind tastings by some of the brewing industries great and good. In the end we'll have a new champion brewer and a new great new IPA to bring to the people of Europe over the coming year.
Date/Time:6th January 2017
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Underdog IPA Competition - Winner Announced
Who's it going to be? The big reveal to publicly announce the winner of this year's Underdog champion
Date/Time:13th January 2017
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The BFBI International Brewing Awards
Simply Hops will be helping the Judges wind down after a long day of adjudicating at one of the world's most prestigious brewing awards. Music, good food and of course, probably a beer or two.
Date/Time:7th March 2017
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Beer on the beach with some of the finest brewers from around the world. Birrasana is fast becoming one of Europes great craft beer festivals. This year promises great beers from all over the world in a celebration of the finest that craft has to offer.
Date/Time:29th April until 1st May 2017
Meiningers International Craft Beer Awards
The Meiningers International Craft Beer Award, is an international competition held in Germany for craft beers from all over the world. The goal of this competition is to promote the quality and marketing of the products submitted. The craft beers are evaluated independently, neutrally and professionally by an international jury, in order to discern the finest that Craft has to offer.
Date/Time:3rd May until 4th May 2017
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Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival
The guys that run these shows certainly know how to celebrate good beer. Their craft beer festivals attract some of the best brewers to show off their fine brews. They then add some cracking music in a great venue and suddenly you're in beer paradise.
Date/Time:26th May until 28th May 2017
London Craft Beer Festival
Run by the same guys and in a very similar way to Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival. The real point of difference to understand though, is that this one is in London...
Date/Time:4th August until 6th August 2017
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Bristol Craft Beer Festival
Yes you guessed it. It's just a great as the Edinburgh and London festivals. This one however, is is Frankfurt… No… Bristol! Definitely Bristol.
Date/Time:15th September until 17th September 2017
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