What Are They?

Contracting is by far the best way to secure the future supply of those important hops you need for your brewing without having to rely on the risky and expensive spot market after harvest. If you use 800kg or more of hops a year then please talk to us about securing them into the future with the Barth Haas Guarantee. We can book ahead up to five years ahead depending on the variety, securing the prices for you and making sure you get all you need and deserve as one of the most discerning craft brewers in Europe.

Why Contract?

As great brewers continue to expand the popularity of full flavoured, and high quality beers, the global supply of hops gets tighter and tighter each year, driving the prices higher, and the chances of you getting your hands on what you need lower. This can be prevented by contracting your hops for up to five years in advance depending on variety, ensuring that you keep the pricing and your costs stable, and the supply to your brewery reliable. There is also the added advantage of all Simply Hops contracts coming with the Barth Haas Guarantee; ensuring quality and service. If you use more than 800kg of hops per year please contact us for more information on how we can help you.